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Parador Dominico's Restaurant
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Hostal de la Noria reception
Tangolunda hotels and beaches
Hotels in Tangolunda
Sheraton Hotel

Hotels "In the Shade of a Palm Tree or in the Cloister of an Ex-convent"

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The hotel industry of the state of Oaxaca can easily compete in quality, installation, and services with the best tourist centres in Mexico. The main hotels are located in the City of Oaxaca, the Central Valleys, and in the exceptional Coast establishments, especially Bahias de Huatulco (Huatulco Bays), complemented by hotels in the main State cities, and the Paradores Turisticos (Tourist Quarters), and Tourist Y according to where they are located.

Hotels in the Oaxacan Coast belong to the class and prestige of the biggest international chains that chose Bahias de Huatulco or Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port) because of its incomparable turquoise waters and warm, unexplored beaches. The differing note is lays on their efforts to build and develop their establishments according to urban ordinances intended to protect the natural wonders. Thus, guests of the Bahias de Tangolunda or Santa Cruz Hotels, or the Zicatela or Carrizalillo beaches will never feel to far away from Mother Nature; the delicate landscape composed by the sea, the bays, and extraordinary beaches.

In Oaxaca, the State Capital, the difference is the frame into which hotels have been built: old colonial houses of great architectural and artistic importance that even include an ex convent. Courtyards, fountains, arcades, and ironworks centuries old, complement the best Oaxacan cooking, that always along international fare, form part of the best spots to enjoy an unforgettable visit to Oaxaca.