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The arrival of the conquistadors and the eventual advent of modern life as we know it have significantly contributed to the deterioration of many of the states cultural treasures - almost to the point of extinction. These constructions were created to satisfy the same needs as those today.

However, now a need exists for rescuing and safeguarding the historical identity of our people, of rediscovering our origins, of preserving customs and traditions, and of consolidating it in one place.

That is what museums were created for. They are the solution for numerous issues such as how and where to classify, preserve, and exhibit a people's proud history and cultural legacy.

A museum is a place for learning, for giving wings to the imagination. What we see in a museum enriches our lives and widens our perspective. But, maybe most importantly, a museum touches that profound need for continuity.

In the city of Oaxaca there are a number of fine museums. The most outstanding is the Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca, which houses valuable pieces of Mixtec and Zapotec origin. In Mexico City, the Rufino Tamayo Pre-Hispanic Art Museum displays an extensive collection of archaeological artefacts from the entire republic.