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La Gloria Coffee Plantation
Cocoa Tree
Coffee plant

Coffee Plantations

With the arrival of the coffee plant to the state of Oaxaca, it was discovered that the ideal growing elements for the best quality plant were to be found in the Southern Mountain Range of this state. As a result, the coffee plantations or "fincas cafetaleras" are now located in that region.

Located near the Bahias de Huatulco (Huatulco Bays), the owners of the coffee plantations are now developing activities which permit them to alternate between planting and harvesting the coffee crop and caring for nature and bringing benefit to nearby settlements and towns.

The geographic location of the plantation favors an ecological balance and a marvelous climate which lasts throughout the year. This combination has allowed the plantation owners to open the doors to their facilities so that visitors may learn more about them.

This can be such a wonderful experience, considering that you may experience never before felt sensations upon contemplating the gorgeous landscapes which are formed by a combination of exuberant vegetation, rivers, ravines and waterfalls.

Often different species of animals can be observed in their natural habitat. It is also possible to ride the Copalita river rapids and take long walks, bike tours or horse back rides. At the end of the trip, rich and varied dishes from the Oaxacan kitchen may be enjoyed, especially the exquisite coffee that is planted and harvested from the local plantations.

Each plantation can demonstrate the process by which coffee is produced: from the preparation of the soil for planting, to the care and management of the plants, the harvest, drying and roasting.

Plantations such as the Pacific (El Pacifico), the German (Alemania), the Little Incense (Copalita), the Beacon (El Faro), the Glory (La Gloria) and Camila, among others, offer lodging, food and guided tours.