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Tlacolula de Matamoros

Tlacolula has approximately 10,000 inhabitants, and, because each Sunday the residents of all of the out-lying towns come together in its market to offer their products for sale, it constitutes the most important settlement of any that are included in the Tourist Y' (tourist house) circuit. It is interesting to note that this market was one of the first in Pre-Hispanic times.

Each Sunday is a holiday, given that the market is set up right in the streets. It is a particularly moving spectacle, as there is an abundance of light and colour that is based on the flavours and smells of the products that are offered for sale. The women of Quialana fill the atmosphere with their multicoloured head-dresses in the street market.

No one can resisting photographing the beauty of this market. This will be an unforgettable experience and will awaken your interest in seeing other markets in the Central Valleys.

While walking through the market, you will encounter stalls which sell textiles, as well as products made of clay, reed, stone, palm leaf and hide. A visitor can also enjoy delicious foods such as barbecued meats, sweet breads, and stews as well as beverages made from chocolate and corn. This community has the basic services of any other city such as bus service, a gas station, restaurants, hotels, medical assistance, supermarkets, etc.

Town churches provide information about the local culture, traditions and festivals and the Church of the Ascension (Temple de la Asuncion) from the 17th C. is no exception. Nevertheless, there may be no question that its principal attraction is to be found in the interior of the church, in its side chapel where the our Lord of Tlacolula is worshipped.

The administrator of the Tourist Y' (tourist house) organises tours to the downtown area, the cemetery and the Alferes Farm (Hacienda de Alferes) as well as to the Lambityeco ruins, Yagul and Caballito Blanco.

Tlacolula de Matamoros: Is located 19 miles (30 kilometres) Southeast of the City of Oaxaca via highway 190 to the Isthmus. Approximate travel time: [0:35]
The Tourist House is located right at the edge of town on the left hand side of Federal Highway 190, in the Benito Jurez nursery (Vivero Benito Jurez).