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The Beaches

Most tourists travel to Mexico to visit its beautiful beaches. Mexico has incomparable sunny spots; there is really something for everyone. When you visit Mexico, you will find from deserts to tropical jungles. Its water varied from turquoise to green to deep blue. You will find lodging in rustic shelters (with "palapas") to great tourism hotels.

Wherever you decide to visit, please remember the following:
All beaches in Mexico are open to the public free of charge
Nude or topless sun bathing is strictly forbidden. (There are some exceptions, such as Puerto Angel, which has a nudist beach)
Few beaches count with lifeguards. Please keep safety foremost
Be careful of the intense sunlight in Mexico. Avoid exposure during 12 to 2 p.m.
Do not swim alone or in isolated places; use sun block and never turn your back toward the sea, since waves are unpredictable
If you feel carried out to sea, do not panic, instead swim parallel to the beach. Generally, 40 feet (12 metres) from it, the situation changes and it is safer to swim toward land
Pay attention to the flags posted on some beaches, since they indicated the water conditions