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The government regulates taxis. Taxis in the City of Oaxaca are under strict control. We recommend asking the driver for the cost of a specific trip beforehand. The hotels information desk will provide the sanctioned fares to move from one place to another. Generally, taxi fares are posted at airport terminals. The trip back to the airport can cost more, since fares apply differently to trips originating from the hotel. In Oaxaca is not necessary to tip the cab driver.

Car Rental Companies:
Rental cars are available from the main rental companies. To be able to rent a car, a person must be at least 25 years old, have a valid drivers license, and a credit card. In order to obtain a lower price and ensure availability, we recommend to make a reservation and compare prices before going on a trip. Call your travel agent or the rental company in your country.

Petrleos Mexicanos (Mexican Petroleum Company) concessions gasoline stations to private individuals, which are available throughout the country. Gasoline is sold by the litre (3.78 litres per gallon). There are two types of gasoline Magna Sin (green pumps) and Premium (red pumps). The prices are almost the same as in the United States and must be paid in cash. Most of the stations close at 10 p.m. There is no self-service.

Mexican Car Insurance:
If you are going to travel by car, it is essential to have a car insurance policy valid in Mexico. Ask your insurance salesperson if you need one.

Driving Tips:
We recommend avoiding night driving
Be alert for speed bumps
Lower your speed at all railroad crossings
Obey all parking and traffic rules
Lock your car
Remember that distance and speed limits are posted in kilometres instead of miles.