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Benito Jurez Lachatao

The climate of this region is cool and filled with natural, beautiful look-out points, from which one can admire the beauty of the valley in all of its splendour.

Benito Jurez is a perfect place for a mountain hike and the climate, although cool, is more than made up for by the warmth of the inhabitants whom visitors will encounter in the trips organised by the administrators of the lookout tourist house, at the Meeting of Rivers (Juntura de Rios) and at the Tarajeas. During the journey, visitors wont be able to help admiring the beautiful views, made up of forests of different kinds of pine, mist and small meadows.

A recreational park is located a short 50 metres from the eco-tourist module, where one can take a pleasant break beside fresh water spring. There is room to eat amongst the pine and 30 metre tall oyamel trees.

In order to reach the look-out, visitors must leave the town, preferably walking towards the north along a path which accesses the highest part of the forest. A 12 metre high, iron look-out which is built into the cliffs, offers a panoramic view of the settlement below. From here, the valleys which lay to the south between the cities of Oaxaca and Tlacolula and the breathtaking panorama to the north of the forests, which extend towards Ixtln de Jurez, may also be seen.

To reach the Tarajeas Plain (Llano de Tarajeas) or the rivers, it is possible to travel by foot from Benito Jurez for approximately 6 kilometres, making the journey in 8 hours, or by bicycle or car in approximately 3 to 4 hours. Alongside the river runs a grassy plain which is approximately 60,000 m2. Although it is possible to fish in the river, it is preferable to bring your own food. In addition, along the way there is also a trout pond, however fishing is only permitted in the river.

Benito Jurez: Is located 28 miles (45 kilometres) Northeast of the City of Oaxaca via highway 190 to the Isthmus. Turn left at the Teotitln del Valle detour. Cross the town and continue North another 9 miles (15 kilometres) via a dirt road. Approximate travel time: [1:15]