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San Marcos Tlapazola

Tlapazola, the "place of the quail", is a community of approximately 1,500 inhabitants. The primary activity of its residents is agricultural production. The skilful hands of the women also create beautiful objects from red clay for decorative or domestic use, such as: pots, jars, pitchers, griddles, plates and cups.

As a result of its friendly inhabitants who enjoy looking after visitors, Tlapazola is an enchanting place. The surrounding fields, which closely resemble differently coloured paintings depending on the position of the sun, invite one to take long walks. Towards the southern part of the settlement, visitors will see a mountain which serves as a background for this picturesque place and, while here, may also visit a 16th C. church.

"Place of the quail", where from the break of dawn you can observe women preparing meals and helping the men with the arduous tasks demanded by life in the country. Later, while the men rest, the women may be found gracefully moulding clay.

San Marcos Tlapazola: Is located 25 miles (44 kilometres) East of the City of Oaxaca via highway 190 to the Isthmus. Turn right (on a dirt road) towards San Lucas Quiavini when you reach Tlacolula. Approximate travel time: [1:00]