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San Sebastin Abasolo

The origin of the name of the community comes from two sources: Saint (San) Sebastin, in honour of the Saint who was martyred in Rome in 288 A.D., and Abasolo in memory of a hero of the Mexican Independence movement, Jos Mariano Abasolo. This is a picturesque town, combining ancestral customs with a great devotion to agriculture and respect for nature.

San Sebastin Abasolo is a community of approximately 1,700 inhabitants, whose principal occupation is agricultural production as well as raising and breeding small animals and fowl thanks to the moisture and abundant vegetation in the area.

Abasolo is a town which is filled with large trees and beautiful, peaceful paths which invite one to walk and see the different crops which are grown in the region, such as: corn, bean, chile, tomato, onion and flowers. Likewise, visitors can also travel through these areas by donkey and horse drawn carriage or bicycle.

Although this is a very simple town in the Oaxaca Valley, it has basic services such as a market, telephones, medical services, small shops, and tortilla vendors, as well as a bakery and butcher shop. The administrators of the Tourist House (Tourist Y') can offer you excursions to the centre of town and through its streets.

San Sebastin Abasolo: Is located 14 miles (23 kilometres) Southeast of the City of Oaxaca via highway 190 to the Isthmus. After 11 miles (18 kilometres) turn right. Approximate travel time: [0:30]