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Santa Ana del Valle

Santa Ana del Valle, a town of approximately 2,500 inhabitants, is a place in which the textile tradition may be clearly seen. The principal pursuits of this towns residents are agriculture, the creation of wool rugs, as well as the raising of small livestock and fowl.

The famous hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants attract visitors who are delighted to learn about local customs, traditions and daily life.

Here, as in Teotitln del Valle, history is woven into beautiful, brightly coloured rugs which are made of wool which is dyed naturally by substances such as the cochineal. Designs range from Pre-Hispanic themes to reproductions of famous paintings.

This settlement has such basic services as medical assistance, tiny shops, bakeries, butcher shops, an arts and crafts market, etc. The administrators of the Tourist Y' (tourist house) organise trips downtown, to a nearby dam and to a ranch. The first two excursions last approximately two hours and the latter, approximately six hours. We suggest that you also visit the local museum which is located in the centre of town.

Santa Ana del Valle: Is located 21 miles (34 kilometres) East of the City of Oaxaca via highway 190 to the Isthmus. Turn North when you reach Tlacolula. Continue until reaching the Santa Ana detour. Approximate travel time: [0:40]