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Money Matters

Banks, Currency, and Credit Cards:
Visitors have access to automatic tellers. Bancomer ATMs provide PLUS and CIRRUS systems and offer menus in both Spanish and English.

Generally, you can exchange any type of currency at money-exchanges and though dollars are accepted everywhere (and preferred), we recommend using pesos during your stay. Remember that hotels offer fair currency exchange and even lower for travellers checks free of charge.

For Tourists with Currency other than Dollars:
Although, at any money-exchange office tourists can exchange any type of currency, we recommend converting it to dollars before exchanging for national currency.

Prices posted in pesos are printed thus: $25.00 M.N. "M.N." means "Moneda Nacional" [National Currency] or pesos paper currency.

The United States dollar is widely accepted, but if you have any other type of currency we recommend exchanging it at money-exchange offices during your stay.

We recommend exchanging an amount equivalent to $25 to $30 dollars into pesos before leaving your country. Thus, you will arrive with enough money to pay the taxi ride to the hotel.

Credit Cards:
The major credit cards accepted are American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. When the visitor registers at a hotel, he or she is asked for a credit card for additional charges, and is asked to sign a blank voucher. This is common practice and should not be viewed with suspicion. When you close your account, they must hand you the voucher for elimination, unless the hotel services have been charged to your card by prior authorisation. Occasionally, reception will ask for a guests credit card to guarantee payment for hotel services, when the payment is not made in cash.