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Staying Healthy

Visitors who are not used to the spicy Oaxacan foods or because they have different eating habits, might suffer some form of intestinal difficulty. We recommend you only eat at established restaurants, not from street food vendors to ensure the foods hygiene. We recommend buying purified water bottles, since tap water is not potable and cannot be ingested.

Visitors also face geographic and environmental changes, which could alter their immune system.

In order to avoid stomach troubles simply follow these guidelines:
Always wash your hands before meals
Beware of consuming foods from street vendors
Drink only bottled water
Do carry medicines to treat an upset stomach
Take it easy the first few days
Try to nap during the afternoon
Try to get used to the new food and beverages at the place you are staying
Tequila and Mezcal must be treated with the outmost respect

Statistics show that, for some unknown reason, people get sick on their third day of their visit. In case of a problem, you will find pharmacies well stocked with suitable medicines. Generally, you will always find a hospital or medical clinic close by, unless you travel to remote areas. Before leaving home, check with your insurance company about coverage in Mexico.

You can also opt for a natural treatment, preparing "T de Manzanilla" [Camomile Tea], fresh papaya, lots of rest and chicken soup.

Nowadays, immunisations (vaccine shots) are not necessary to travel from the United States and Canada into Mexico.

And now, lets enjoy the delicious Oaxacan food!