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What to pack

In Oaxaca, light clothing is appropriate for almost all occasions. In general, the climate in Oaxaca is warm, except in the City of Oaxaca during the winter months and other areas in the Sierra region, where it is necessary to wear a sweater.

There are some particular customs regarding the appropriate dress code for certain circumstances:
Bathing suits (especially for women) MUST NOT be worn outside the beach or pool area
Suggestive clothing is not appropriate for small towns or the city
Shorts or Bermudas must not be worn inside a church

Dont forget to pack:
Sun block
An extra pair of reading glasses or contacts
Comfortable walking shoes
Dollar bills (for gratuities)
Travel documents
A pocket size Spanish/English dictionary
First aid kit
A hat
Insect repellent
A flashlight
A good book
Small electric devices such as a hair dryer
Note: The electric current in Mexico 110 volts CA same as in the United States and Canada. Visitors from other countries might need an adapter.
Camera and film
Extra batteries
A spirit of adventure and good sense of humour